The kid 4 base , DAZ’s child figure of generation 4.

   DAZ was released The Kids 4 Base. This is free.

 This is child figure. this looks like Elementary schooler.

 This is stand alone. you do not required victoria4 or michael4.


  • Figures 
    • The Kids 4 Base itself
  • Poses 
    • Mat pose for apply texture 
    • General Poses
    • INJection/REMove poses for morphs 

 At first, let’s check figure. 

 This figure can change to male or fimale using by head’s morphs.I think this is pretty.

 Other funny morphs are not included because this is “base” figure. If you want to custom head or body, you need to get The Kids 4 Morph ++.

 Next, lets check poses.

 These are general poses. These are 16 poses include default pose.

 Next, lets check MAT poses for apply textures. 

 These are textures for boy or girl, and 6 eye texture. Texture with pants(Apply Torse U) and, texture without pants are included, too.

 Last, INJ/REM poses for morphs.

 When you put The kids 4 to Poser’s workspace, All basic morphs are already included. I think you do not need to use these.

 INJ The Kids 4 is pose to inject all morphs. If you want to inject morph indivijdually, you may use poses in Base folder.


 Very pretty child figure. I have purcased The Kids 4 Complete ( this is bundle pack include morph++ , clothes and hairs ).I will play this more.

  The Kids 4 Base

 DAZ’s generation 4 child figure.

  Textures and basic expression morphs are included.