DAZ STUDIO changing the language

DAZ STUDIO has been successfully translated into Japanese!

Japaneseize DAZ STUDIO
Menu is now in Japanese!

However, the menu is now only half Japanese.

In the process of upgrading DAZ STUDIO, some of the menu names have been moved to external resource files and are now editable, so that the menu can be replaced with Japanese.

If you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet, click here.

>How to use DAZ STUDIO Download, install, initialize, and more. .

Download Japanese file

Here is the file (Default Advanced.dsx) that I edited for DAZ Studio 4.12.

>Default Advanced

If you apply it to the new DAZ Studio after 4.13, there is a possibility that the menu may become strange.

After overwriting the following files, you can run Window→WorkSpace→Update and Merge Menus from the menu at the top of the DAZ Studio screen to get them translated into Japanese.

  • C:Copyright©Program FilesDAZ 3D\frzDAZStudio4\frzDAZStudio4Resources\frzDefault Advanced.dsx

Detailed instructions are below.

How to convert DAZ STUDIO to Japanese

In short, you can rewrite the resource file which contains the menu names of DAZ STUDIO to make the menu Japanese.

You can’t just rewrite the options in one shot, so it’s a bit of a hassle.

Copy the following files from the DAZ Studio installation folder to an editable folder (such as My Documents)
Back up the target files
If you try to edit the target file directly, it will be “overwrite prohibited”, so it will be copied to an appropriate folder. The target files are as follows.
  • C:Copyright©Program FilesDAZ 3D\frzDAZStudio4\frzDAZStudio4Resources\frzDefault Advanced.dsx

Just in case, make a copy of the above file with a different name, or make a backup just in case.

But I can just reinstall DAZ Studio at worst, so I don’t have to worry too much about it.

Rewrite the “Label=”…” part of the copied file to Japanese
For example, it looks like this.
Since there are a lot of the same description, for example, if you replace “Label=”Copy” with “Label=”Copy”” in a text editor, you can reduce the time of rewriting a little.
Save in UTF-8 format
When you save as text editor, save as “UTF-8”, because if you save as SJIS, the Japanese part will be garbled .
Overwrite and copy the edited file to C: \frzProgram Files\DAZ 3DDAZStudio4\frzResources\menusDefault Advanced.dsx
If you get an error about administrator privileges, try to copy with a user with administrator privileges.
Run Window→WorkSpace→Update and Merge Menus from the menu at the top of the DAZ Studio screen

In line with the

configuration file, I think it’s for updating the menu.
If you run it, this is what happens.
Hhhhhhhhhhhh! Japanese!
It’s half-assed, but the part with items underneath is in Japanese.
Huh? Window”, “Edit” and “Create” are still in English.
I wonder if some tools (like Fluidos and Headshop) make items in the original English menu.

Save settings for Japanese

If you save your workspace with an appropriate name, you can reuse it later.

The configuration file will not be overwritten after updating DAZ Studio, so let’s do it.

Window→Workspace→Save Layout As selection

Name with an appropriate name and click Accept

It can be called from Window→Workspace→Select Layout…

Puzzled by the problem The accelerator doesn’t work

I don’t know how long some people use it, but the “accelerator”, which leads to the desired function by typing the first letter of the menu name from the keyboard, doesn’t work.

I guess it depends on how the configuration file is written…

(Postscript) If you set “&file→&F file”, the accelerator will work in F.

If you use (&F) file, F will be the accelerator key and the display will be (F) file, which is easier to see.

I received this information from a reader of this blog.


To tell you the truth, some of the menus are now in Japanese, so it’s not quite there yet.

However, when I looked it up before, I was in a state of guard that I couldn’t translate any part of it into Japanese, so I guess I can say that it’s made a lot of progress.

This memorandum concludes with awaiting further evolution of DAZ STUDIO for full Japanese localization.