Big man figure, Freak 4

 I got The FREAK 4 Base. This is Big man figure. 

*Default style

 This needs  Michael4 . And if you use part of character preset pose, you need Michale4 Morph ++.

 I think this figure match a heel.


  • Figure > DAZ’s People
    • The Freak 4
  • Pose > DAZ’s The Freak 4
    • General pose (10)
  • Pose > DAZ’S Michael4 > FreakCharacterPresets
    • character preset(Base)
    • character preset(Morphs++)
  • Morph > DAZ’S Michael4 > Morph Injections > Freak 4
    • Morph INJ/REM(for body)
    • Morph INJ/REM(for head)

 OK. Let’s check this product.First, Figure.

 When you call figure, This appears with all morph. You can change him using morph parameter as you like.

 By Comparison old Freak, this can change nice balance( like average human ) body style. Of Couse, this can change monster body style ( with big hand etc. )

 Next, Pose.

 Oh, sorry. This product indludes 10 poses in reality. I installed another pose collection, then these are mixed…

 I think these poses are like poses of a powerful hero , or a beast.

 This include “character preset” in poses. If you accept a icon with “+” mark, freak change to another body style.

* Base

* Morph ++

 This folder divide “Base” and “Morph ++”. If you want to use “Morph++”, you need Michael4 Morph ++ .

*Variety big man 

*Troll style. I use texture The FREAK 4 Skin Maps 01 .

 Next, These are poses to inject morph partly.

* for body

* for head


 This is very vigorous big man figure. I think this figure match action scenes with explosion etc.

 Old Freak’s clothes are very few. But I think Freak4’s clothes are increase because this is based on Michael4.

  The FREAK 4 Base

 Big man figure . This is needs Michael 4 Base .