Boy figure Hiro 4

 I got Hiro 4 Base at DAZ.

*Hair is Austin Hair . Head parameter Hiro4 = 0.5

 He looks like hero of 3D fantasy RPG. It require Michael4 Base .


  • Figure > DAZ People
    • Hiro4本体
  • Pose > DAZ’sMichael4 > Hiro4
    • General Pose x11
  • Pose > DAZ’sMichael4 > Hiro4 MATerials
    • textuer like anime
  • Pose > DAZ’sMichael4 > Morph Injections
    • Hiro4 morph INJ/REM  
  • Hand > Hiro4
    • hand poses x10
  • Expression > Hiro4
    • expression poses x11(include zero pose)

 Figure is here.

 I afraid Hiro 4 is not good when I read article of DAZ Form. But , I think he is not bad when I render him.

*Default face (Hiro4=1.0)

 Many expression morphs and face morphs, body morphs is included.

*face morph


*Body morph

 If you want to adjust muscle , you need Michael4 Morph++.


 Next, here is poses.

 Poses like martial arts.

 Here is INJ/REM poses for morph.

*for all.

*for independent

 Next, MAT poses for texture is here.

 At first, apply “!Apply_first”, and apply eye poses if you want. Genitals if for genital in Michael4 Morph++ . 

 Next, Expressions is here. 

 11 expression poses(include zero pose) is included.

 Next, Hand poses.

 Hand poses get a gun or other arms are included.


 If he is in final fantasy, I do not feel something is wrong. I imagine he is good playing action with sword or gun.

 He can wear, Michael4 ‘s cloth. This is good from Hiro 3. 

* M4 Suit Set

20090130.040.jpg  Hiro 4 Base

  Young man like fantasy anime.

  Bundle pack Hiro 4 Starter Pack, Hiro 4 Pro Bundle is available.