Michael 4 Morphs++ and Michael 4 Skin Maps (Std Res) Information

 Here is Michael 4 Morphs++(morph target set) and Michael 4 Skin Maps (Std Res) (texture set). These are for  Michael4  as name.

*Fatman (Heavy=1.0)

 These are included in Michael4 Complete Bundle.


* Emaciated=1.0

 You can change parameter(Morphs|Shapes > Morphs++ > Full Body) to change body shape. That is easy.

 And, You can change body shape partly, too. You can make your own character.

 You can change face shape, too.  Many preset faces are ready.

 Face presets are in Morphs|Shapes > Full Head & Face. ( you should select figure’s head )

  And Many expression preset is here.

 Surprised is very funny. Thease are in Morphs|Expressions > Morphs++ . (You should select figure’s head).

 And convenient morph to posing is here.

 Thease are in Morphforms > Morphs++. (you should select figure’s body)  For example, When you change “Waist Bend” parameter, Body parts are bend smoothly.

Contents of Michael 4 Morphs++

  • Figure > DAZ People
    • Michael4 Genitals
  • Pose > DAZ’s Michael4
    • Morph++ INJ/REM Pose(all)
    • Morph++ INJ/REM Pose(partly)

 Here is figure.

 Funny Icon. This Genital is not include texture.

* Applying Michael 4 Skin Maps (Std Res)

 Pose is here.

▲Morph++ INJ/REM Pose (all)

 How to use morph++:

  •  Display Michael4 Base
  • Apply Pose>DAZ’s Michael4>INJ_Morph++ M4


 Morph is here.

* Many many morphs.

Contents of Michael 4 Skin Maps (Std Res)

    • MAT Pose for all body 
    • Pose to change Hip
    • Pose to change hair / skin head
    • Pose to Eye’s texture
    • MAT Pose for Genitals

 Texture size is 2048×2048.


 It is funny to make fatman and oldman, and other funny character. I think it is difficult to use many many morphs, but I want to play using these little by little.

 Michael 4 Morphs++

 morph set for  Michael4


Michael 4 Skin Maps (Std Res) 

  texture set for Michael4 .