Michael4 Base Informatin

 I got Michael4 Base.

 This figure is free through 01/01/2017. (You can this figure by $0)

 Michael4 Base includes Sample resolution textures and expression morphs. I think you can play only this base figure for long  time.

 But, I bougt  Michael4 Complete. This is Bundle Package include head and body morphs(Morphs++ package) for making original character, and casual cloth set, and short hair, and other. Michael4 Pro includes more items.

*Using hair and cloth in Michael4 Complete.


  • Figure > DAZ People
    • Michael4 Base
  • Pose > DAZ’s Michael 4
    • General Pose x23
    • Base Morph INJ/REM (at all)
    • Base Morph INJ/REM(by morph)
    • Sample resolution textures MAT Pose 

figure Icon is below.

When you call Michael 4 from library, he appears with expression morphs and sample resolution textures. His textures is with hair and pants.

Michael 4’s expression morph is very various. I think tongue is very good especially.

Next. General Pose include poses like model.


INJ/REM Base morphs is below.

 individual expression morphs is below. Very various.


 This figure is very steady. You must get this figure because this is free.

 Michael4 Base

 Base figure.


 Michael4 Complete Bundle


 Michael4 Pro Bundle

This bundle includes Michael4 Complete Bundle and below.