Haru , Sexy Toon girl figure with huge breast.

Haru is sold at DL Market. DL Market is downloadable marketplace in japan.




Haru’s items are many.

Haru (Base figure)


 Haru Ver 1.0 SET

This is base figure for Haru’s item.  You may get this item first.


 Haru Bundle and  Haru Bundle -Back Version-  are include HARU Ver 1.0 SET.

Back Version include more sexy version.


What is This item?

Haru Ver 1.0 SET -Back Version-

This include Haru’s sexy item morphs, textures(MAT)


This includes these.

  • half wear type: panty and T-Shirts.
  • figure type penis and small penis.
  • white liquid on breast and penis.
  • White panty texture, morph controller of panty.
  • variety penis pose.
  • Texture of T-Thirts. 
  • Morphs of anal and genital.


Haru Hall for Haru Ver 1.0


Bundle of Haru Ver 1.0 SET, Haru Ver 1.0 SET -Back Version-, Haru Ver 1.0 SET -Expansion Morph Bundle-, Cool Style for Haru Ver 1.0.

Cool Style for Haru Ver 1.0 is texture of tanned skin.


Haru 2012

Morphs with weight map. (weightmap is available after Poser9/PoserPro2012 ) Good bending. This item require Haru base figure(Haru VER1.0 SET)


Request One for Haru Ver 2.0

Sexy items. Elf ears morph, sperma ,dirty bugs.



Other items.

Sailor Suit for Haru Ver 1.0

You can use Haru’s cloths with Haru Ver1.0 Set(base figure).


You can find another toon girl figure NATU.

Please check it.