How to use dain app

Interpolating Pixel Art and Sprites with AI.

I’d like to try it on my DAZ STUDIO output. For now, I wrote down how to use it.

As a prerequisite for DAIN-APP, the computation is done by CUDA of the graphics board, so I guess I need an NVIDIA graphics board…

I’m using GeForce GT1030 with 2G memory, but it worked as long as I specified the parameters well.

DAIN-APP Download & Install

(Official site)Dain-App [Alpha 0.1] by GRisk

Open the official website and scroll down a bit to the bottom of the page, and click on the download link.

It says “Error”, but I don’t care and click the download button.

The file size is a large 1 gig. But it’s a package of all the modules you need, so I think it’s better than being told you’re missing something later.

Unzip in 7-zip

The file is compressed in RAR format. I first tried to expand it with lhaplus and got an unintelligible error and couldn’t do it.

I don’t know why, but when I used another compression and decompression freeware called 7-zip, I was able to decompress easily, so I didn’t think too much about it and went ahead.

Reference) compression and decompression software 7-Zip

Installation only uncompresses

DAIN-APP can be executed as it is in the extracted place, and it is a good impression to be able to try it casually because it doesn’t make a strange file in Windows folder or so.

Find DAINAPP.exe in the extracted file and double-click it to start it.

Random usage of DAIN-App

This is the screen when it starts up.

If you want to run it for the time being, specify the following and click the Render button at the bottom.

    • Input Files (gif, mp4, etc.) to Input File


    • Output Folder to Output Folder
    • Insert the Resize Video checkbox to specify the width of the video in pixels


DAIN-APP terminates abruptly when there is insufficient memory during processing. If you look carefully, you will see the message “CUDA out of memory”, but it will disappear soon, so it may be hard to notice.

The solution is to check the “Resize Video” checkbox and specify a smaller size. When it was default, my GRABO ended abnormally with memory 2G, but it worked when I set the size to 400.

Also, even if the detail of completion (Interporate) is too large, it may eat memory.

The processing was much quicker than I had imagined, and the loop anime of about 1 second took less than a few minutes to complete.

In the output folder, a folder of numbers was automatically created and a video in mp4 format was created.

Figures: Sue Clothes: School Sports Outfits for Genesis 3 Female(s)

How’s the video coming out?

Even if I did DAIN-App processing, I didn’t know what was being complemented by the video that was appropriately divided into frames.

It seems that Japanese limited animation with rough FPS and good frame layout can make a big difference in movement.

Nevertheless, it’s a technology that gives the impression of the future.

Well, I’m sure that the right way to enjoy it is to convert all the chunky sexy GIFs and watch them endlessly.