Wet&Wounded information

 I got Wet&Wounded at renderosity.

* bloody man(James) and, wetty woman( Aiko4 + Filosophy Hair )

 This can use to DAZ 3 series (V3, A3, M3 etc,) and 4 series( V3 , A3 , M3 etc.), and Poser6 default figures.

*wetty woman

 This is procedual material set using python. This material is blood, mud, water.

* muddy woman



  • poses
    • Bruised
    • Dirt
    • DrippingBlood
    • Plain
    • Wet
    • WetBlood
    • Wounded
    • randomize pattern
    • higher bump
    • lower bump
    • bigger wet drop
    • lower wet drop
  • lights 
    • AMBIENT lights x4
    • BackLit x4
    • CONTRAST light x4
    • MAPPED light x4

 Here is poses.

 When apply poses, Figure’s material changes to below.

*complex material…

 It take much time to render image using this complex material. 

 Here is lights.

 These are 4 category. I think  more lower value of AO is good.

 But, I can rendered very realstic images using this light set.

*real wet skin

 I am not sure James ‘s skin is strange after apllying shader wet. It is too specular.

 Shader scarred is here. Probably, I think there is no problem.


 It looks this product is bundle of  V4 Wet Skin Shader and Ouch! for V3 & V4 and muddy shader.


 This tool add material blood, wet, mud to figure’s skin.