Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev First Impression

I got Poser Pro 2014 Game DEV!




Poser Pro 2014 Game DEV new features

  • Poser Pro 2014 includes a 5GB library of 3Dcharacters, clothing props and schen elements. ( These are the same of poser pro 2014)
  • new Plygon Reduction system.
  • Figure combilne. It allows multiple conformed figures to be baked into a new single figure.
  • Unseen Polygon Removal.
  • using Kinect for Windows.
  • FBX import/export


You need “Activate” Poser Pro 2014 Game DEV’s serial number.

Please choose Help –> Personarize.

and enter serial number of Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev and E-mail adress.



Please restart poser.

You can see Poser Pro GAME DEV ‘s splash.



Where is new feature?

Poser Pro 2014 includes a 5GB library

This is the same of Poser pro 2014… hmm.

new Plygon Reduction system.

  • FBX import/export
new Polygon reduction system.

This allow  you to reduct polygons of figure, body parts and prop.

Figure –>Reduce Polygons
Object>Reduct Polygons



Left is normal Aiko4, Right is after reducing polygon to 18435.



wireframe image.



Figure combilne


Please choose target figure, and  Figure>Combine Figure


This dirlog is appear.


Left is multiple conformed figure, Right is single combined figure.



You can see some abnormal polygon at under hair and breast.

I think you need adjust unseen Polygons using automatic and manual mode.

Unseen Polygon Removal.


figure > find unseen polygons

This dirlog is appear.



using Kinect for Windows.

Windows > Addon > Kinect Capture




Oh I do not have Kinect.  How disappointing!


FBX import / export

File > Import >FBX
File > Import > FBX


This is options window of Export.



Please check it.


>>> Official Page of Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev