Sexy soldier suit Gear Punk V4

I got sexy soldier girl suit, Gear Punk V4.

* I comform cloth to  Aiko4  . The hair is Kleo Dread Falls .

 This cloth can open front. Image not opening front is here.

* not opening.

 This design is very good I have seen.


  • Figures
    • Jacket
    • Top
    • Shorts
    • Bottom
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Holster ( with gun )
    • Big gun (figure type)
  • Poses 
    • Pose of show or hide gun in the holster .
    • Pose of show or hide small bag aroud shorts.
    • Pose of open or close Gig gun(for prop type)
    • Pose of show or hide hands
    • Arm poses x10
    • poses x10
  • Props 
    • Big gun(prop type) for right and for left.
    • granades for right and for left
    • glasses

 Figures is here. 

 These cloth can fit many many body type.

* Full body morph for fitting body.

 There is many morph about breasts, too.

* morph targets about breasts.

*Nipples = 1.0

 And, here is open or close morph on jacket, top, and shorts.

*morph on jacket


* “open” morph on jacket and top.

*open morph on shorts.

 There is sexy morph on bottom.

* sexy morph.

 And, there is cool morph on guns, can open gun’s body.

*big gun

 Poses is here.

 Many pose included in. I think these are sexy and cool.

*sexy and cool pose.

 Here is props.

 I  like granade’s texture. This is realstic.


 This cloth is good design and is made with great care. This product made by Orion1167.

 Gear Punk V4