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Chibhibel figure information

 Anime school girl, ChibiBel.


  • Figure
    • chibibel figure
    • chibibel long hair
    • clothes
      • shirts
      • jacket
      • skirt
      • underware
      • sox
      • school shoes
  • Pose
    • MAT pose ( for normal rendering)
    • MAT pose ( for preview mode toon rendering )
    • MAT pose ( poser4 mode toon rendering)
    • MAT pose ( changing hair color )
    • MAT pose ( changing eye color )
    • MAT pose ( changing clothes color )
    • 24 chibibel pose

*chibibel figure and long hair


*MAT pose 

▲MAT pose for clothes

*chibibel pose

Poser4 mode toon rendering

 How to toon-render(P4 toon render):

Put chibibel into your scene.

Apply Chibibel Toon ( in  pose>ChibiBelMAT )

Put Clothes if you want.(Please use clothes in "Figure>CB School Toon")

Open Render>Render setting

 Click "Poser4" tab, and check Anti-alias.

 Render it.

  You will get fine toon rendering.

 ChibiBel & School set

  Anime school girl set.

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