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Cosplay Costume 14 for V4 ( bat girl )


This costume was made by yours truly and Evilkoolade
The cape has one sided poly's, so you can't see it entirely untill after you render it.
When using the cowl, load the No ear morph from pose/cosplay folder
When you use the boots, please use the "hide feet" pose on V4. Also located in Cosplay folder.
2 Batarang props also included. Can be found in props/cosplay folder

Hope you like the costume!

-Terrymcg & Evilkoolade

 You can fit this item to V4 or A4.

Included item



Good item.

Artist, Terrymsg creates this item. Terrymsg creates many cosplay item of comics and games.

Check it!

-> Cosplay Costume 14 for V4/A4 ( bat girl )
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