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Cosplay Costume 11 for V4/A4 ( Power Girl )




Another request.

This costume has 5 confirming figures:
Cape, Belt, Left Boot, Right Boot, Gloves and Suit.
Plus a dynamic cape figure (cape is dynamic the rope is confirming).
The suit loads without textures. Suit material is in materials:cosplay:etc... folder.
Remember to always select V4 before loading the next clothing item.

OBS! This was not tested in Daz Studio. I make these clothing items only poser in mind.
This may change in the future as I will become more familiar with DazStudio. But for now, I can't guarantee
that these items will work in Daz Studio.


P.S. I am having lot's of problems with my computer. I have to re-install my OS and all my poser related programs, so it might take a while before I am able to correct any possible problems in the costume.




-> Cosplay Costume 11 for V4/A4 ( Power Girl )


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